5 Things You Should Know When Buying A Scuba Diving Mask

snorkel maskIf you are a diver, having a scuba mask is absolutely necessary. It is usually constructed from silicon and tampered glass that can survive being under water. If you are looking to buy it but you do not know how to go about picking the right one, the following are the five things you will need to consider.

1. The Size of the Scuba Mask

Most scuba masks usually have adjustable straps that keep it in place, so the size itself will not be an issue. What you will need to concerned about the most is the size of the viewable area. In some scuba masks, the viewable area is a transparent window with a frame while in others it is a full transparent mask that has goggle-like window. Your preference will determine the choice.

2. The Fit of the Scuba Mask

There are large, medium and small scuba masks, so you will need to choose the one that will fits properly depending on the size of your head or face. Try it on and see if it creates a vacuum effect when you inhale through your nose. Make sure that the skirting of the mask if not lose when you wear it.

3. The Material that the Scuba Mask is Made Of

Some scuba masks have a skirting material that is made of high quality silicone that fits properly around the contour of your face while others are made of low quality rubber that tends to crack after a few dives. Be sure to pick the one that suits your needs and will offer you value for your money. Also check what material the buckles of the scuba mask are made of. Those that have hard plastic construction are the best.

4. The Features of the Scuba Mask

If you usually require glasses or contact lenses to be able to see properly, you will need to get a scuba mask that is made to prescription. This will allow you to see everything clearly underwater even if you do not have perfect vision. Also check if the scuba mask has a nose purge which is a feature that enables you to clear water off the mask by blowing through your nose. Ear pods on the scuba mask are also very important. They will prevent water from entering your ears, and as a result reducing chances of infection.

5. The Type of the Scuba Mask

There are older types of full face snorkel mask that have got one circular lens that covers both the nose and eyes. This may not be very good if you are looking for the best performance. You should instead go for the modern types of scuba masks that have got two separate lenses for the eyes as well as a special pocket for the nose. There are also scuba masks that are made from tampered glass while others are made from plastic. Those made from tampered glass are the better option since they give you a clear vision while preventing fogging. Plastics distort vision.

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