Rifle Scope – A Short Guide

rifle scopeRifle scope is an optical device that displays a bullet’s point of impact and also allows more accurate shooting, because it magnifies the target and surrounding area. Usually, the lens of the rifle scope is coated to achieve less light loss and glare. There are three types of coating – fully coated, multi-coated, fully multi-coated. Your success at the field pretty much depends on the quality of your rifle Scope, because of all the advantages provided.

Rifle Scope – A Short Guide

First of all, rifle scopes bring closer the distant targets and objects surrounding them. Besides that, those tools allow you to shoot in darker light conditions, so you as a hunter can be active from dusk till down.

A rifle scope is constructed from the following elements – exit pupil; eyepiece; ocular lens; power ring; elevation adjustment; wind-age adjustment; objective bell; objective lens.

When it comes to selecting a rifle scope, you must match it with your gun and ammunition, in order to get the most out of it. You must make the perfect pair between the rifle scope and the gun. Of course, another factor is the application – look for a rifle scope with magnification suitable for your particular needs. Other important characteristics are image brightness, resolution, lens size, field of view, exit pupil and eye of relief.

The magnification of a rifle scope is denoted by two numbers separated with ‘x’. 2×20 means the object being viewed will appear to be two times closes than when seen with a naked eye. This is type of rifle scope is called ‘2x’, because the image you see appears two times closer than it actually is. Most rifle scopes provide you with the option to adjust the level of magnification.

That’s the case with the variable rifle scopes, which are denoted with 3-9×40, for example. 3-9 means that you can change the magnification anywhere from 3 to 9. The number after ‘x’ (20 in this example) represents the diameter of the front lens in millimeters. Larger lens mean that more light will enter the best AR 15 scope under 200, thus the image will be brighter. Image brightness and resolution are in proportional dependence. When the brightness is high, the resolution is sharper (also higher), which eventually means you will get a clearer image of your target.

The exit pupil is also parameter that determines the brightness of the image, proportional dependence. Larger exit pupil value means the position of your head related to the scope is less crucial. Or in other words, you don’t have to be as close to it as possible. Eye relief can be defined as the distance that a scope can be held away from the eye and still give a full view.

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